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Massage Services in Garland, Tx

Sit back, relax, and let the therapists from Garland Massage in Garland, Texas provide you with therapeutic and custom massages that meet your needs. As a full-service center, we offer a wide array of massages and treatments in a great environment.


Full Body Massage


Foot Massage





Therapist Giving Leg Massage To Woman - Reflexology in Garland, TX
Full Body Massage:
A full body massage works the head, back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands and neck.
A full body session can help to relieve stress and tension that is built up over time.

Foot Massage:
The benefits of a short foot massage can help to improve circulation and can help to reduce or stop headaches.
It has also been known to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety.

A reflexology massage consists of the hands and feet which can help to relieve tension and stress in the body.

Receiving an acupressure massage can be useful in relieving chronic pain as well as providing stress relief.
Deep tissue massage - Deep Tissue in Garland, TX

Chair Massage


Chair Acupressure


Deep Tissue


Swedish Massage

Chair Massage:
A chair massage focuses on the back and shoulders. Having regular seated massages has been known to relieve tension and relax muscles in the back and shoulder area.

Chair Acupressure:
Ease tense and knotted muscled as well as improve circulation and strengthen your immune system with an acupressure chair massage.

Deep Tissue:
A deep tissue massage focuses on relaxing the deepest layers of muscle tissue and can help to relieve sore muscles and chronic pain.

Swedish Massage:
The swedish massage is the most common massage technique and is used to relax the entire body by working the muscles with long smooth strokes.

Full Body Massage

30 Minute $40.00
60 Minute $60.00
90 Minute $100.00

Foot Massage

30 Minute $20.00
60 Minute $35.00

Combo Massage (1/2 Body and 1/2 Foot)

15 Minute $15.00
30 Minute $30.00